Tips for Choosing a Tennis Racket

Tennis can be a lot of fun for amateurs of all ages. Whether you’re new to the game or a long-time player, the time will come when you need to head to the store to purchase a new racket . It goes without saying that you should pick a well-made racket with no loose strings. But is there anything else you need to know? Here are some tips for finding the perfect racket for you.

Consider your skill level.

There are numerous rackets that are designed for advanced tennis players , but if you’re not ready for one of those yet, don’t be afraid to admit it. Most tennis pros recommend that beginning tennis players choose rackets that are relatively large, which allow for plenty of leeway as you slowly build your skills and become more adept at hitting the ball.

Look at your swing.

From Serena Williams to the dedicated amateurs at the local club, every tennis player has their own idiosyncratic swing. The way you swing actually influences the type of tennis racket you should buy. If your swing is slow and follows a short arc, you should probably opt for the lighter power racket. If your swing is long and fast, however, you might benefit more from the heavier control racket.

Feel the way it grips.

Before you buy any racket, make sure to grip it firmly. If the grip is too small, the racket won’t stay firmly in your hand, which can lead to a strained elbow and other injuries. The same thing can happen if you use a racket with a grip that is too large. Before you leave the store, make sure you have a racket with a grip that fits you perfectly.

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