Helping Your Competitive Child Cope with Losing

Preparing a child for sports requires more than just getting the right sports equipment. After all, losing gracefully is not a skill that most kids possess naturally. Instead, they need their parents and coaches to teach them how to cope with losing. Many children are fiercely competitive by nature, so you may need to guide your child when he or she loses a game.

Redefine Expectations

Kids will have an easier time when losing a game if they know that they gave it their all and did everything they could on the field. Teach your child that this in itself is a form of victory. It’s not just about who wins or loses—it’s about having fun and putting effort into an activity he or she loves. If your child had fun, then he or she still won.

Offer Praise

If your child loses a game, be sure to still offer congratulations and praise for what he or she did well. For example, if your child scores a goal during the game but the team still loses, you might highlight that achievement and encourage your child to keep at it in future games.

Lead by Example

Children tend to mimic their parents’ behaviors. So, if you don’t put a lot of stock in winning and losing, then your child won’t either. You can demonstrate the attitude of a gracious winner or loser while playing sports or games at home. It may also be helpful to discourage gloating among family members after a game.

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