Essential Safety Gear for Hockey

Essential Safety Gear for Hockey


As with any sport, it’s important for hockey players to wear the right safety equipment. Safety gear reduces the risk of injuries so you can stay in the game instead of spending your season on the bench. Here is a closer look at the safety gear that every hockey player should have before they take to the ice.



Head and face protection is extremely important for hockey players. That doesn’t mean that you can borrow a helmet from another sport and wear it to your hockey match, though. Specially designed hockey helmets have the appropriate level of protection for your head and an attached face mask that looks like a metal cage. Your hockey helmet should fit you snugly, as should the chin strap that holds it in place. Note that goalies need different face masks. They wear masks made of fiberglass or Kevlar that also have full neck protection. Underneath your mask, you should also have a mouthguard.


Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads for hockey players are pulled on over the head and have chest and back protectors. The pads are one large piece that should allow you to move your arms and shoulders without any kind of difficulty. If you can’t easily move your arms or feel constrained by your shoulder pads, get refitted. Not only will any restriction on your movement impact your game, but it could also disrupt your form, which will increase your risk of injury.


Gloves and Elbow Pads

Gloves and elbow pads protect your joints from falls and collisions. The gloves should fit snugly but still offer flexibility, and the cuffs shouldn’t be too high on your arms, or you won’t be able to move your hand effectively. Look for hard elbow pads that will absorb the impact if you fall on the ice.


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