Edible Plants Commonly Found in North America

When you are planning to stockpile food for emergencies, it’s only natural to start thinking about whether you can complement your inventory with edible plants. After all, a good deal of the plants growing around you are likely safe—and even healthy—to eat. If you find your emergency stocks running low, then it will be reassuring to know that you can refill them. Here are some edible plants that you might have in your area. 


You’re probably already familiar with the kind of asparagus you can buy at the grocery store, but wild asparagus—though it looks slightly thinner—is every bit as healthy and delicious. This plant is filled with vitamins, so it’s an excellent choice for emergency food stocks. It’s also versatile, as you can boil the plant, make a broth from it, or even eat it raw. 


Believe it or not, the dandelion is entirely edible, petals and all! Young dandelions have leaves which can easily be included in a salad. The petals can be boiled and made into a tea. Since dandelions are so abundant—they’re one of the hardiest and most widespread flowers in North America—they’re especially useful if you’re looking to replenish your emergency stocks. 


The plantain plant can be found all over North America, especially in wet areas. It’s a nourishing, leafy plant which is rich in nutrients, so it’s a fantastic option if you’re looking for edible plants you can find, pick, and store yourself. This plant shouldn’t be confused with the “plantains” you can find at the grocery store—those are actually a kind of banana. 

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